Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick Review + Swatches

Phew. That is a long title wouldnt you say? So in my previous couple of videos, a lot of you guys have been commenting on the darker vampy plummy lipcolour that I've been sporting and so I thought I would finally dedicate a post to that wonderful lipstick. And here they are: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss Lipsticks in 112, 107, 106 (bit of an anticlimax right being just numbers and all... couldn't find the names! if they exist, let me know)


#112 - Dark brown-based red | #107 - Deep purple plum | #106 - Very bright warm pink
And of course, the lipstick that started all this commotion: #112

And I'm also currently wearing it in my most recent video: 90's Kid Survey TAG!


I love these lipsticks. If you like matte, but found that the SAVVY matte lipsticks were a bit too drying, I think this is a great way to ease into matte lipsticks without the worries of dry lips. I found these quite silky and slippery in texture, but with all matte lipsticks lips MUST be moisturised and exfoliated for the best application. Do note however that it does become dry-er throughout the day making it more visibly matte (which I enjoy).

I give it full points for pigmentation and opacity, and the colour range is also quite nice, incorporating some gorgeous deep shades as well as some lighter ones (that I did not purchase).

One down fall I found with these lipsticks however is the gritty texture. It's not creamy-smooth like say the revlon matte lipsticks or even the savvy lipsticks. There's a definite gritty-ness to it which doesnt bother me too much, but I think this might be an issue for some. (Definitely not a deal breaker though as it doesnt change the look of the lipstick in any shape or form).

Overall I've really enjoyed the kate moss lipsticks and these have kept the standard. The last kate moss lipstick I've purchased was the Rimmel colour show-off lipstick in "shocking pink" and that has to be one of my ALL-TIME favourite drugstore (and even high-end) lipstick I've bought. A gorgeous shocking pink that is perfectly opaque and marvellously matte - and these are no different! It's like she built on that same lipstick formulation to include more colours. The texture, the pigmentation and even the smell is the same. They all have this gorgeous fruity watermelony(?) scent which I found to be deliciously delightful.

You know what, I actually think that shade #106 might even be comparable to the limited edition colour "shocking pink" if you're struggling to get your hands on that colour!

So massive THUMBS UP from me. And another pro? It's only $12.95 AUD RRP. Now that is a  great price. Beats the outrageous prices that a certain other company *coughrevloncough* asks for for their matte lipsticks! I believe these are even cheaper in the US & UK at around $5 a pop? Not bad!

Right now asos is actually having 30% off the rimmel cosmetics (+ more if you're from the UK such as NARS, benefit etc) and they're currently being sold for $5.58 AUD + free shipping! So check it out here: ASOS.COM  (May have just bought two extra shades... #111 & #110. Oops. >_<)

Friday, 26 April 2013

Collective Makeup Haul

Sorry for the delay in the accompanying blogpost for my most recent video but to be honest, I've just been lazy (my bad). Hopefully you all were able to duck down to your nearest priceline for the 40% off makeup sale which is probably the most exciting sale that Priceline has ever had. It was funny because when I was there, not only was it jam-packed, there was also a lady outside with a microphone, inviting customers in. The funny thing was that I overheard one of the customers complaining that she wasnt excited enough!

"What the hell, it's like she's just talking and muttering to herself. This is a HUGE sale for crying out loud!!! She needs to be more ENTHUSIASTIC!!"

Was what one of them said to the staff, and so they had a word to the announcer. NEKMINIT she was literally screaming at the top of her lungs. I'm not sure if it was better - I was almost frightened! haha.

So as much as I wanted to get heaps and heaps of makeup (not that I needed it), I really could not afford buying too much. Whilst 40% off sounds wonderful in theory, it still quickly adds up! I made the mistake of roughly estimating it to 50% off and then when I punched the numbers into the calculator - just wow. You dont realise how big of a difference that 10% can make!

Anyways, unfortunately I have not had the chance to take photos my "Priceline sale" purchases, but here are close-ups of the products mentioned in my previous video!

And if you havent seen the video - here it is:

Collective Makeup Haul

Products mentioned:
SAVVY by DB Matte Lipsticks
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal to Dry 330 Natural Tan
Iherb.com - Use code: "OZA493" for discounts!
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in "The Truth"
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in "The happy place"
A few of you guys requested a review on the chanel foundation(s) so that might be up in the near future. I'll also do swatches of the bare minerals quad because the pigmentation is just unbelievable (forgot to do it here)

Well, that's all for now. And for those curious... here is my mini 40% off Priceline sale haul:

 photo a3323292acde11e2b10722000a1f98d4_7_zpsf2d1d186.jpg

well, it's 3:10 am here in Australia, so hope you enjoyed this and I wish you all a goodnight! xo

Monday, 22 April 2013

High Tea to Celebrate the new-found free time.

Last week I was able to spend a lovely weekend relaxing with friends and enjoying the time we've finally been rewarded after 5 years of study.

For those who dont know, I'm currently in my final year of medicine which is the most anticipated year for the whole course of MBBS. In my degree, our "final" exams are in 5th year (last year) and thus 6 year is essentially our pre-internship year. It's almost guaranteed that we will be graduating this year, which has removed an immense amount of pressure on all of us. It's as if we've been handed our life back to us - free to do with it whatever we want. I've been indulging myself in this new-found "free time", dedicating many hours to watching movies daily, guiltlessly sleeping in on weekends, enthusiastically part-taking in new hobbies & activities,  and of course, trying to be more interactive on my youtube, blog and now facebook.

It's been a long 5 years, with many ups and downs - some days being more bleek than others. With the increasing numbers of medical students graduating each year, it's hard to appreciate the process of achieving a medical degree to become a Doctor. But I tell you, It's damn hard. Not only is it intellectually draining, the pure duration of the degree is enough to challenge any person. Nearly every year there is a college mate or close friend who are graduating out of their 3-4 year course, moving to a new house, going to new places, meeting new people. And all the while, you're stuck in the same place, same degree, same people and with the same never ending questioning of "is this really what I want to do?".

You question everything - your abilities, your motivation, your determination... your future. And every single year when that dreaded "end of year" exams come around, there's almost always an emotional/mental break down. It's almost inevitable that there will be weeks of unhealthy eating, weeks of sleepless nights, and weeks of residing in the medical school study room - all so you can pass a 3hr long, 50 page exam. (There are also OSCE's but thats a whole lot of completely different stressing...)

Nonetheless, every year, it all pays off. And finally, here I am, at the final year of my degree, with all the time in the world.

So, all that just to say I have more free time? Yeh, I know. haha

 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg
 photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg  photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg  photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg  photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg photo hightea_zps030833c5.jpg

Hope you guys enjoy the photos!
Thanks for all of your ongoing support and especially last year with all of the final exams stressing. You have all meant the world to me <3

Friday, 19 April 2013

PLNDR HAUL Blog Giveaway!

So if you have arrived from my youtube channel welcome to my blog! (if you have not, I'll include the video for you to view now!)

My Fashion haul ft. PLNDR, Alley, Valleygirl + More!

As I've said in the video, I unfortunately will have to let go a gorgeous dress that I forever curse my body for not being able to adequately fit. It is "The Zoey Dress" by a brand called "For Love & Lemons".

It's a gorgeous dress that when worn correctly, can look super adorable! It is a SIZE 6 that fits true to size, so please when entering the giveaway - consider the size. I would love to give it to someone who can get great use out of it!

So the rules of the giveaway are simple:

1. Follow this blog (on bloglovin or google friends - just let me know your username) + my youtube
2. Comment down below letting me now if you want to enter (only once per day)
3. 18yrs+ (as I will be asking your address)

The rules are simple and the competition will end in 1 week's time (26th April 12:00am Australia EST). I will ship anywhere in the world :)
I will pick the winner using random.org and I will most likely announce it on this blog or twitter!

Alright and that it all - hopefully you guys enjoyed my haul video, and goodluck to those entering my giveaway! I know it's not much but I thought many of my gorgeous subbies will probably fit this dress way way WAY better than I ever will, and it's a dress that deserves a good owner!

Thanks for reading this blog and as always, thank you so much for subscribing/following my blog. You guys and your support have meant SO MUCH to me! Love you guys!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shoe obsessed?

I dont know what it is, but something about a lovely pair of shoes just gets me so excited. There's nothing like the finding the perfect pair of heels that goes with with every outfit and every occasion. Now I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, and I am agreeable to saying that no woman needs the number of shoes I own. However, dont they just make you happy??

So the point of all of this? A company contacted me to peruse through their website for anything I was interested in, and on first impression, it was reminiscent of sheinside.com and romwe.com. So already, I was at the very minimum; interested. But as I browsed through, I noticed they had extensive "shoes" section and ladies, I must show you some of the gems in stock!

My PERSUNMALL Wishlist Shoe List

I love last two styles and I also adore the first style - however I would much prefer it in a white as I already have a similar pair that I bought from ASOS. One negative however is that the prices of some of these shoes are not cheap - going up to $100+. But true to the style of romwe and other such websites, there are discount codes for spending over a certain amount which is fantastic. (I would cheekily recommend breaking up the order if it's over $200 so that you can get more $$ off ;) haha)

At this point, I can not really comment on the quality of shoes - but I am inclined to order a pair so when those arrive I will let you know. So definitely watch this space! I've actually had good luck in the past from ordering from shoes from these types of websites - so my hopes are high.

The selection of clothing pieces are not as varied and numerous as sheinside.com and romwe.com but I must say that I do rate the wide range of bags available on the website - there are definitely some cute styles in there! 

So there you go. This was just a heads up incase some were interested in shoes as the styles really caught my eye. Has anyone ordered from Persunmall before? If so - what are your thoughts?

Friday, 12 April 2013

Current Romwe Sale

Just a heads up about the romwe sale currently happening

Right now-get a second pair of leggings for HALF PRICE... 
 Oh, your Bestie is gonna love them! 
 What are you waiting for? Go to ROMWE! 

Use code: second50% 
One order can only contain 2 pairs. Limited supply! First come, first served! 
From April 10th to 12th. 

I've actually just been browsing romwe and there were definitely pieces that caught my eye.

Here's my ROMWE.COM Wishlist:

What are your picks from romwe?


Monday, 8 April 2013

NEW Savvy Long Lasting MATTE Lipsticks - MAC DUPES??

Hi there everyone!! So I have some really exciting products that I bought today that I absolutely had to show you! I'm a very big fan of shopping online, but often doing so means you miss out on some of the newer australian cosmetic products available in stores.

So today as I was grocery shopping I had a bit of a wander around priceline and found THESE babies! It looks like they're limited edition, but it's a new line of MATTE lipsticks from SAVVY by DB! I believe there were a total of only 8 shades. Though they were of a matte texture, some had shimmer/sparkle giving a more velvet look, and some were just matte and opaque. Although there were a few of the lighter shades that I found questionable on anybody, the darker half of the shades were FANTASTIC and picked one of each! Swatched, they were amazingly pigmented and matte, and best of all???? THEY WERE ONLY $6.99!!! Can you believe that?? $6.99 peoples!! Now that's more like it! Finally we are seeing "drugstore prices" that are actually comparable to the US "drugstore" prices!! Well done SAVVY!

So, before I babble on some more, shall I just show you my newest babies?? I only picked 4 (initially was just going to get 1), but for $7 each, I though what the heck! The total cost of all four will STILL be cheaper than a MAC lipstick and I'm telling you, these babies are absolutely WORTH the price! If not more! I would have happpppily payed $15+ for them!

Word of warning: PIC HEAVY!

Left to Right: Vegas, Bali, Morocco, Maui



Opaque blue-based red. Reminiscent of MAC Lipstick in "Red" (Satin finish)


Deep blue based burgandy/purple. Very very slight shimmer, but not noticeable on application. Reminiscent of MAC Lipstick in "Rebel"


Orange based red. Brighter shade than Morocco. Reminiscent of MAC lipstick in "Lady Danger"


Very bright (almost neon-ish) milky coral. Again, some very slight golden shimmer on close examination, but not noticeable at all on application. Reminiscent of MAC lipstick in "Vegas Volt"

Well, that is all folks! Unfortunately, I have only JUST bought them but on application I found them quite smooth. I did have to build up the opacity but I find I have to do that with most of the matte lipsticks I have anyways. They are of a dry-er texture (similar to WetnWild matte lipsticks) but no where near as matte as MAC Ruby Woo. It was comfortable for me, but I'm very used to the feeling of matte lipsticks (that's all I wear). I cant comment on how "long" they last, but given it's a matte lipstick I can almost guarantee that they will last longer than the regular lipsticks anyways.

Over all, a BIIIIG BIG THUMBS UP from me. Not only for the FABulous colours, but also the amazing texture, pigmentation and most importantly: THE PRICE! $6.99 a pop - Not bad for a matte lipstick!!

I recommend ALL of the colours I've picked out - they're fantastic and if you've ever wanted a matte red lipstick, here's your chance without breaking the bank! Check them out at priceline and get them before they run out as they are limited edition!

I'm glad the beauty industry in Australia is finally reducing prices and increasing quality. Another amazing item from SAVVY. Very impressed!

Hope you guys found this helpful and dont forget to check it out!!

(PS - Sorry for the HORRIBLE lipswatches! I was literally rushing to take the photos as the sun was quickly going down!! booo.)
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