Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Playing with polkadots!

So this is the second part of my "Mixed Prints" post... however this ended up  being the first part of my youtube video uploads (confusing much?)

This time I want to show you how you can go about mixing polka dots. I seriously adore the polka dots. Stripes and Polkadots are probably the most classic of all prints and if you're new to prints, invest in these pieces. You can easily mix them with other prints, textures, bold colours - the styling options are endless.

Here I'm showing you how you can go day to night with the same top (actually a dress). I've only shown you two pieces, but you can wear a nice pair of leather pants with it, high waisted shorts, midi-skirt - I kid you not, they will just about go with anything. Polkadots also come in all sorts of apparel - dresses, skirts, pants; and of course they come in all sorts of sizes (big polkadots and small polka dots), and different colours!

Dont be afraid to be bold and try to put together different pieces that you dont think will naturally work together. Find a way of tidying the look together with common ground - eg: colours/similar hues, similar accents/theme. Again, if all else fails, mixing prints together with a neutral colour palette ALWAYS works :D

Hat - Sportsgirl | Polkadot Chiffon Dress - From Japan | Leopard Print Skirt - Cotton On | Tan Peep-toe Mary Janes - Payless | Leather Bucket Bag - Thrifted | Multiple Crosses Necklace - Regal Rose | Dream Catcher Necklace - Markets

Metallic Choker - Lovisa | Polkadot Chiffon Dress (worn as a top) - From Japan | Leopard Print Metallic skirt - Supre | Clutch - Sportsgirl | Heels - New look (Actually would have preferred to wear nude/gold pumps instead of black strappy sandals in retrospect)

PS - I apologise for my awful state. Hair Styling wise, I would have curled my hair with a side part and all of the curls falling to the side :)

Anyways, sorry again for the unedited pictures. So lazy. I didnt even bother to crop them (naughty me). But hope you guys enjoy nonetheless, and if you're a visual person, dont forget to check out my youtube video on it! :D

xoxo June

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Print on print!

Hi everybody! So today I thought I'd spoil you guys with a very picture heavy fashion post! I know I havent been posting a lot of the more beauty-related posts here but I get so lazy! But I did manage to take some shots over the weekend and I apologise that I was not able to crop it or edit it in any way... but I thought I'd put it up anyways for you guys to enjoy :)

Thrifted Top | Valleygirl Floral Shorts | Valleygirl Striped Cardigan | Boston Babe Orange Sandals | Forever New Faux Leather Back Pack

Or if that's too bold, you can always just add bold solid colours to break up the outfit....
Thrifted Top | Newlook Burgundy Corduroy Shorts  | Valleygirl Striped Cardigan | Boston Babe Orange Sandals | Forever New Faux Leather Back Pack

Or alternatively you can tone down the prints by using very muted colours with nude basics to ground the whole look down :)

Thrifted Top | Supre White Button-up Blouse | Valleygirl Leopard print Skirt | Valleygirl Striped Cardigan | Payless Tan Platform | Rubi Faux Leather Satchel

And I hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for a video which I filmed that I'll be editing soon and uploading to complement this :)

Hope you all enjoyed and I shall see you in my next one! Dont forget to check out my most recent Fashion lookbook video below!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo June

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

And on a more personal note...

So for everyone who knows me, I'm usually more of a private person. I keep personal feelings to myself, struggles and insecurities locked inside. Of course I'll make a side comment here and there and on occasions I'll let my guard down for just a little while... but for the most part I keep to myself.

As much as I want to tell people, as much as I want to let it all out - I was to stay strong. Or at least look it. Even if I was struggling inside. So many people depend on me to stay strong and independent, and I feel like I'd be letting them down by showing that I'm hurting too.

In the past few days I've been quite "down". Not actually sure how I've felt. Loss in motivation, interest, lack of sleep, lack of confidence/self-worth, spontaneous bouts of emotional breakdowns, irritability, frustration.... oh and enormous amounts of stress. That about sums it up. I just feel slightly overwhelmed with everything at the moment and there are so many factors that contribute. I'm not sure how to fix it or how to get better - but I look to God that he will guide me and I trust that everything will be ok. (I'm still hopeful - good sign right?) I dont say this to get sympathy/pity, but I guess I just wanted to admit that to myself - that I might not be ok right now.

For those who dont know (probably most) I live interstate away from my family for university (Medicine) and away from my bf (long distance since last year). It's been a long couple of years and still a long couple years more. The stress and loneliness is a bitter pill to swallow and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I guess it's just one of those phases that I hope will soon pass; but I guess not anytime soon.

I honestly never saw myself coming down this road... to post such a personal entry on a very public forum. However after reading Shirley's past posts from meek-n-mild (http://www.meek-n-mild.com), it inspired me to come forward, to be brave and to write how I feel.

I've always been keen on documenting my thoughts and feelings - whether on paper or typed out. I used to own a livejournal way back when. And I used this as a refuge - everytime I was unhappy or happy, sad or angry. I would just write it all out. Then once I was done, I'd private the post.

But this time, I think I want to take a step forward and share them with you. I want to make my blog more personal, not just another extension of by beauty/fashion interests - I want it to be a time capsule of my life. WOAH, just calm down there June! (A bit dramatic right?)

So I know not everyone will read this - thank god. But I guess I just wanted to give you an insight into my life and myself; who I am and that not everything is handy-dandy.

Well if you read all of that junk, I commend you. And I appreciate it. I dont even know if I'll end up publishing this or privatising (is that a word?) it after a while... Still not sure. Let me know if you prefer me to remain personal - but I guess you can always scroll past this if you're not interested.

Anyways, have a great rest of your week everybody and I'll go back to finishing my presentation now (which I'm deathly afraid of because I hate public speaking).

xoxo June

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