Sunday, 29 September 2013

Life Update - Where I've been and where I'm going!


Alright, for all those who want to stone me, please feel free. I've been a HORRIBLE blogger/vlogger/youtuber! As I will mention in an up coming video, life has just been a complete whirlwind and I'm still trying to catch my breath! I honestly don't know where the past couple of months have been, and there have been no signs of it slowing down.

For all those who have been tweeting me/instagraming me - yes! I'm still alive! I'm not dead I promise! Thank you for all your concerns and for simply thinking about me, and I feel like I owe you all an explanation so here it is!

So the start of this long hiatus began with my birthday month - July. It was epic. During this time I had two trips planned (gold coast for AMSA, and then  adelaide and melbourne the following week), my birthday party to plan/organise, a huge assignment to do, and finally internship allocation/preferences. And all of this happened while I had Uni everyday!

What happened during August/September then? UNI! It was my final rotation here in Australia and I as I took a couple of weeks off to travel, I had to make it up. And finally, there are some upcoming changes/trips that I've had to prepare for keeping me very busy still!

So, what are these changes I'm talking about?

1. I'm going to the UK! 
For those who don't know, I'm a final year medical student, and as part of this year we are required to do an elective clinical rotation overseas. I've chosen to go with my mate to the UK for 4 weeks and after that, we will be travelling Europe! My best mates from Darwin will also be meeting me in Athens after my clinical placement and then we will be travelling to Dublin, Barcelona and then Paris, where we will meet up for a topdeck tour going to Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium (not in that order), etc. It's my first time to go to the UK/Europe so I am excited beyond words! My placement will be located approx 30-40mins away from London, so on the weekends we plan on going to London/Bath/Brighton, etc. If you've ever been to the UK or live in the UK, please let me know whats the best way to go about transport! Also if anyone's been to Europe, do let me know how you loved it, where you went and any advice you have for first time travellers!

3. I'm graduating!
After my europe trip, I'll be flying back to Manila, before returning to Australia for my graduation. While this doesnt really seem to be a reason for keeping me busy right now, you will see in the following dot point why it has! 

2. I'm moving to Adelaide!
As I mentioned internship allocations were revealed late July and whilst I was really hoping for Brisbane, Adelaide was my 2nd choice. I'm pretty happy with the move as I'll finally be with family again who will be relocating to Adelaide also, but at the same time it sucks that I wont be with some of my closest mates to start our first day of internship. Not to mention having to make completely new friiends in Adelaide which I'm pretty apprehensive about...but I'm sure things will just work itself out. My biggest worry with this is the move - while trying to pack for the UK, I've also been trying to pack up most of my stuff so that when I come back I will not have that much to do. I'm still also trying to find a new place to live in in Adelaide, but luckily my brother is there right now and can help me out on this. It's just been crazy hectic, needless to say!
So there you go. That's my life store for the month of July/August/September. I know I've let you all down by being MIA these past weeks, but I promise you, it was for a good reason! Hope you'll all still forgive me and this gives you all a good idea of what's happened and what will be happening to me!

And before we part, here are just some photos of my trip for you to enjoy :D

Birthday Party:

Gold Coast

Adelaide to Melbourne Road trip

PHEW!!!! And that's about everything!!

Sorry for the MANY MANY pics everyone, but I could not be bothered splitting it up into several different posts.

And for all the curious minds - no, my boyfriend is NOT in any of the photos I've posted! The asian guy I'm taking pictures with is my brother before anybody asks :)

Lastly, don't forget to check my vlog channel & follow me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to stay updated with my travels!
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