Thursday, 26 April 2012

Cool Cafes

I think that some of the best things in life is just going to a cafe with mates and having a cup of coffee together. I have always been on the hunt for that perfect little cafe that's cozy enough with great aesthetics and quality food. This is definitely one of my favourite cafe's. It's the cutest little thing. It's quirky, girly with a shabby-chic type of feel. I love how they decorated with fairly lights, old biscuit tins, chandeliers, a violin and of course - who could ever skip on a rocking horse?? It's a shame I didn't take a photo of the rocking horse but seriously, LOVE this cafe.

Sadly, I've heard news that it's currently on the market. WHY OH WHY? I am truly hopeful that it will remain open for business and that this will not be the last of my visits there :)

Nutella croissants... absolute heaven <3
Scones anyone? It was delicious.
Enjoying a cuppa :)
Great food, great company!

For those interested in my outfit:
Burgundy American Muscle Tee -
Pleather Skirt -
Leather belt - Thrifted
Feather Earrings -
Various rings -

Hope that was enjoyable! I know my posts are always so pic-heavy but I'm more of a visual reader and pictures are so much more fun to look at! Dont you reckon? :P

Take care everyone!
xoxo June

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cake & Company

So I thought I'd just post some pics of the night. The cake featured was actually baked by my roomie who I have personally declared a professional baker. Isn't it amazing? Anyways, not much of a beauty/fashion related post. But how can anyone resist posting a cake as lovely as this??


And the CAKE! It's a delicious lemon vanilla cheesecake with fresh raspberries!

Well hope that was enjoyable for some! And yes, if you are familiar with my videos, it IS the same white dress that I wore in one of my getting ready videos. I'll include the video down below, but I seriously love it! And I got it on sale too for $30 from Bardot!! They do have an online website if you guys are interested it's And I'm actually pretty sure that they do International shipping?

Anyways the video I was talking about its this if you havent already seen it?

And lastly, for all Australian and New Zealanders who have ancestors who fought in Gallipolli:


xoxo June


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Glossy Box Australia: Hit or Miss?

Hi everyone so I thought I'd just do a post on what I think about the March issue of glossybox. Now disclaimer, they did send this to me for free, but not even to review. It was purely just to try out. But I thought I might just post my 2c on it anyways since I did take a few pictures!

So although they contacted me in Feb about sending me a free March glossybox, I did not receive the box until late March! And I believe that is similar to what others have said. So when I received it, the first thing I noticed was the packaging! Now I LOVE sweet little boxes that you can reuse for storage. And the Glossybox boxes are probably the NICEST in terms of presentation (in comparison to other subscription boxes available in OZ). It comes in a very hard and study pale pink box with a little glossybox logo in the middle - simple and elegant. Another thing I instantly noticed was there was this GORGEOUS smell coming from the box! Which was nice. But I think it was because of the product inside rather than the packaging (I wish). So once you open it, you'll be pleasantly welcomed to some letters and perfectly presented samples. So my rating on packaging? PERFECT.

However, we're not paying for packaging; how were the products you asked? Well, in my box it came with 5 beauty product and a novelty wrist band (useless to me. Binned). So I recieved the following:
1. Panda Pen - Eye Makeup Remover & Corrector Pen
2. Proactive Solution Cleansing Bar
3. Avene Gentle Toner
4. Absolutely Gorgeous Macadamia Face Cream
5. KMS California Hot Flex Hairspray

There were also some coupons included but nothing that really interested me.
According the pamphlet from Glossybox, the March Glossybox was focused on "health and on-the-go schedule".

Not 100% impressed with the box samples. I've heard from many people that the quality of Glossybox has been on a steady decline. And if this is basically what the month to month samples are like, I can not say I'd subscribe. There were BARELY any actual makeup products and I feel like if I had received this I would be disappointed. I havent had the chance to test out any of the products just yet and in all honesty I have no inclination to try any of them. I will use the proactive cleansing bar though because it smells lovely and my previous proactive use was a positive experience. Overall, the products are not bad and I will most definately try it out, but I feel like they could have put more effort into providing actual makeup products. In their defense they did include a "makeup remover" however it's pretty gimicky in my opinion :\

So overall? I'm not about to subscribe to glossybox just yet - and if I did it would probably be for the boxes :P



So what did I get?


Disclaimer: NOT affiliated with the company. This box was sent for possible review, however I'm not being paid or compensated to make this post. Opinions expressed are 100% honest!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

My Favourite Smokey Eye + Sneak peak of my room!

Unfortunately, I've slightly neglected this blog as I've been having issues with flickr. Ugh. If anyone has any suggestions on what they use for uploading their pictures that would be greatly appreciated!

So just wanted to include a few pictures of my most recent makeup tutorial: Warm Smokey Browns.
I absolutely love the more warmer/copperish type smokey eyes rather than the darker more cool toned browns. I think that it just really lifts the skin's complexion and just really warms the face up. However, it may look more sickly for the more paler/fair skinned beauties, and that's where you'll have to use your own judgement on what does and doesnt look good for you :) Nonetheless, hope you guys enjoy!!


And with flash:


Makeup Products Used:
L'oreal Anti-wrinkle Day Cream
L'oreal Studio Secrets Resurfacing Primer
Makeup Forever Face and Body Foundation #34
Revlon Photoready Concealer 005 Medium Deep
Urban Decay Primer Potion
BYS Shimmer Stick in Bronze
Physicians Formula Eyeshadow in Curry
MAC Eyeshadow in Mulch
MAC eyeshadow in Saddle
MAC eyeshadow in Embark
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette in "Chopper" and "Foxy"
Milani Liquif-eye eyeliner in Brown
Sportsgirl eyeshadow in Night Shift
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara & Rimme Max Volume Flash Mascara
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in "Glow"
Jemma Kidd Makeup School Dewy All Over Radiance Cream in Rose Gold
MAC Blush in Melba
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle
Stil Sun Spf Bronzing Powder in Shade 2
L'oreal Made for me naturals Lipstick in 231 Sepia Silk
ELF Conditioning Lipbalm in Mellow Mauve

I've also recently updated my makeup storage section. I've got a nice new table now however picking a white table is proving to be more difficult to maintain clean than I had originally thought. I've also got to sort out better ways of organising my makeup, but for now at least it looks "neat" externally!


I hope to do a makeup collection tour and possibly even a room tour when I've got the time. So hold on to your seats for that! But for now, here's a little sneak peek :D


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