Monday, 5 October 2015

SUMMER VIBES. Fresh post, right off the press.

speedy bandouliere 30

So, I've gone ahead and neglected my blog despite me telling everyone that I love photography and blogging. -sigh-
Unfortunately my laptop has been on the mend, which has my photo editing software, thereby inhibiting me from being able to blog. Or so I'd like to think. But in all honestly, I hate editing photos. I admit the finished products look amazing when edited, but ughhh give me a easy way of editing such as VSCOCAM on my phone please!

If anyone knows of a program similar to VSCOCAM for windows/mac please let me know... my life would be so much easier!

Anyways, here are some photos I have taken TODAY, and edited TODAY, and uploaded TODAY.
Yes, no stale outfits from 2 - 3 months ago, this is fressssssh off the press baby!

If you guys arent aware, I've gone back into making youtube videos. And I've enjoyed it immensely. But gosh, to work, youtube AND blog... is it going to be too much?
Luckily I've deferred the Diploma I was supposed to complete this year for next year, so atleast for the rest of the year I can focus on my extracurricular activities. LOL.

Meanwhile, it's been hot in Adelaide. HOT HOT HOT. And today as absolutely disgusting. I wore this little number just out to the park, and later on to IKEA. (God I love that place!) The hat was utilised purely for distraction as my hair was absolutely foul. Regardless, hope you enjoy!
speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30

Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30
Louis vuitton speedy bandouliere 30

Shirt - Valleygirl
Denim Jacket - Target
Shorts - Thrifted
Hat - Cotton On
Bag - Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30


Saturday, 4 July 2015

All layered up

heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30  heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
heyyyjune outfit fall speedy bandouliere 30
Long Cardigan - Open Closet
Vest - ASOS
Top - T-shirt Bar
Boyfriend Jeans - Target
Shoes - Newlook (via ASOS)
Bag - LV Speedy B 30 Mono 
This is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, when the weather was cooling down. This outfit was so comfortable, I was able to have the long cardigan coat which kept me warm outside, and the vest keeps me just warm enough indoors. Layering is easily my favourite kind of style, but sometimes it can be tedious when trying to stop the overbulking. As a general rule, when in doubt start with the basics like a simple t-shirt and jeans. Then usually go for a vest or small jacket, and on top of that a coat. Try mix different textures and thickness of the material to prevent over bulking. It's also not a bad idea to have a belt handing for cinching if the style loses shape. Layering should be fun, and it's definately something I enjoy. Dont be afraid to mix different prints, different shades, different textures. Anyways, 2 more days until officially back at word and I'm certainly not looking forward to it. I hate that post-holiday slum prior to going back to work. It's the absolute worst... :(

Friday, 3 July 2015


Well well, its been a while. I know, here she goes again at trying to blog and then failing miserably in the next 2-3 months, and completely deserting it again for 1 year. I know.
There isn't much to say, without choking on a whole lot of excuses. To be honest, I've just been busy, and when I'm not busy I'm too lazy.

I've decided to go back into blogging because I need a space for thoughts, and essentially and outlet for my creativity. I dont think I'll be going back into making videos any time soon because let's face it takes too much of my time. Filming hasn't come quite naturally for me as photography does. I enjoy taking photos, I enjoy editing photos, and I enjoy looking at photos. Sure, videos are wonderful, but I dont enjoy editing them as much as I do filming them. I can tell you right now, I have over 50 videos worth of footage that I have not edited. From ombre hair tutorials, to makeup tutorials, from hauls to tag videos, to vlogs. I literally have enough footage material to make 50 videos. Are they ever going to see the light of day? I have no idea. Just the thought of editing them... well, needless to say it's certainly not lighting a fire in my belly.

So, I have succumbed to blogging. I've recently re-joined the instagram world, and needless to say I am ADDICTED. I love editing those little pictures and posting them. Lets not kid ourselves, it's a lazy girl's blog. HA. Anyways, I've really enjoyed fashion blogs and I've enjoyed posting outfit pics on instagram, so why the hell not try my hand at the blogging game again. So, here goes!

I will be posting some outfits that I've already featured on my instagram, so sincere apologies. But I'll scatter them out, and throw in some pics of my trip to melbourne and sydney, and also some more europe trip pictures that I haven't quite gotten around to editing... oops.

Sweater - Cotton On || Faux Fur Vest - H&M || Leopard Print Pants - Romwe || Shoes - ASOS || Bag - LV Speedy 30 DE

And with that I bid you all a goodnight, and please wish me luck in my blogging endeavors!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set

HI there everyone! This is just a follow up post to give an overview of the Ecotools Fresh & Flawless complexion set that I used in my most recent Chit Chat getting ready / vlogtorial video.

So I bought this set from iherb which is where I've bought all my real techniques and ecotools brushes. It's an amazing place to find the cheapest rates for these brushes (which let's be honest, can be a little overpriced in Australia). You can purchase the set of brushes for $16 AUD here: CLICK

Full Powder Brush

So I'll start of with the powder brush. It's a nice fluffy and soft little brush that you can use to apply any of your powder products - blush, bronzer, finishing powder. It's a little less dense than I would have liked, so when you apply bronzers and blushes it applies the colour quite sheer.Also because it has a lot of give and flexibility it's sometimes hard to blend out face products. So if your bronzer/blush applies patchy, it would be difficult to blend out the hard lines using this. The density of this brush is truly more suited towards applying setting powders/finishing powders than blush and bronzers. Nonetheless, a beautifully soft brush and that still gets the job done.

Complexion blending brush

This is by far my favourite brush from the set. It's a small paddle-shaped fluffy but dense brush. I've been using this brush for the past few weeks as my foundation brush. It works wonderfully despite it's small size. According to ecotools, you use this brush primarily to blend the foundation after applying it with the precision foundation brush. That being said, you can just skip the foundation brush all together and apply foundation straight with this. It really does just buff the foundation out creating a lovely flawless finish. The application reminds me of something like the MAC 109 brush, but in the shape of the real techniques expert face brush. You can use it for liquid, cream and powder foundation! As you can see from the pictures below it's pinched on the sides giving it a paddle shape, This means it also works great to contour under the cheeks.  I really rate this brush and hands down the best from the set.

Precision Foundation Brush

Now if you see this in real life, almost would not believe that anybody would be in their right mind suggesting to use this as a foundation brush. It's absolutely TINY! It would be almost impossible to apply foundation with this! However, I wouldnt give this a miss just yet! It actually is amazing at applying concealer under the eyes! It has a wonderfully pointed tip, which gives you absolute precision. And even though it's too small as a foundation brush, it actually is the perfect size for a concealer brush! It's really quite a wonderful little brush.

Flat Concealer Brush

Now this was supposed to be the brush used to apply concealer - and it works just fine for that. However I've actually been reaching for this to apply shadow on the lid (like how I use most of my other flat concealer brushes). It's just your classic synthetic stiff flat brush. There's really not too much more to say about this brush, but it's hard to really go wrong with brushes like this.4

Concealer Buffing Brush

And finally the last brush but certainly not the least, is the concealer buffing brush. Now for those familiar with the sigma mini flat top concealer brushes and the sedona lace buffing concealers, this is very reminiscent of those. It's purpose is similar to the foundation blending brush, which is to buff and blend out the concealer once it's already on the skin. It's flat top also makes it perfect for stippling on concealer to your blemishes for spot concealing. It's quite a small brush so I've also been able to use it in my crease to blend out my shadows. Very versatile!

What's the verdict? 100% recommend!

If you guys couldnt already tell, love this cute little brush set, and for the price available on iherb it's totally worth it! A wonderful brush set that is compact and travel friendly, but still very versatile and functional! 

And it all fits in this cute little pouch here!

Believe it or not, there's 13 brushes in there! Stay tuned for my post on the othere brushes in this pouch! ;)


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Life Update - Euro pics!

Hi everyone, so my last blogpost was about being MIA... and today's post is yet again about being MIA. -sigh- Wow, just wow. Good job there June!

So, the past few months have been pretty busy. Going to the UK and around touring around Europe was one of the best experiences of my life. The first month involved going on placement in the UK and on the weekends we would spend it sight seeing around England. Despite being there for 4 weeks, I didn't really feel like I was able to see everything that the beautiful country had to offer. I will definitely HAVE to go back there!
After that I rendezvoused with my childhood friends in Athens and we travelled for 2-3 weeks around Greece, Ireland and Spain. We then made our way to France where we joined the Topdeck crew on a tour around Europe.

It was a CRAZY hectic few months. Mainly because the first half I still had assessments to do, and towards the end we really got very lethargic and homesick. One of my favourites would definately be the placement in the UK and travelling on our own. As great as the topdeck tour was, it was definately very rushed. Having barely 1 day to spend in each country and another 1 day of travel was really not ideal. But I have to say, going on the bus was a lot easier than going on a flight everytime we moved.
My favourite country would definately have to be france - as if it wouldnt. It was absolutely stunning! It's always been my dream to visit france and it totally did not disappoint. Marseille was just GORGEOUS! And the people of southern france were just amazing. I would love to go back there when lavenders are in bloom! Runners up would definately be Prague and Amsterdam. Just such beautiful scenery, and architecture! And not to mention Switzerland... just wow!

All in all, I'm already looking forward to making plans to go back, hopefully with my boyfriend. It was such an amazing experience and I could not have been happier to spend it with some of my closest friends. I have literally THOUSANDS of photos and I really want to edit them and upload them slowly onto my blog. It'll just have it sporadically and I think it'll break up all the beauty/fashion posts.

Before I leave you, please tell me what are some of you favourite travel destinations! Where do you recommend I visit next? Please comment below I would love to hear!

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