Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hello everyone, it's been a while.

So it has definitely been too long since my last blog post, and many apologies for that. However, the past few weeks I was having problems with flickr which is where I upload my photos, and furthermore I've just generally felt a bit too lazy to blog. I really want to change the layout of my blog because it's just so... blah.

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to the overwhelming number of responses I got (and still get) from my past posts. I'm really so lucky to have stumbled onto the world of youtube and blogging and to have received so much support from people I have never met, but I regard as my friends. Really is amazing.

Anyways, I just wanted to update this because it's embarassing how dead it is at the moment. So here's an outfit post for you all, showing how I wore this gorgeous newlook top that I featured in my fashion haul video which I will include a link to below as well.


Asymmetric Top - New Look (Sold out)
Faux Leather Shorts - Goodnight Macaroon
Alexander Wang Inspired Bag - Ebay (Real AW Rocco: here)

PS - Before anyone comments, it's not ALWAYS cold where I live. In fact, it's been quite hot & humid the past couple of days :(

As if that wasnt bad enough, I have been terrible and shopping so much this month too! I think because it's my birthday month that I'm just secretly telling myself that it's acceptable. I've actually purchased a bunch of stuff online that hopefully will be coming soon so I can film yet ANOTHER haul! haha. I'll probably have to break it up into parts because there's so much.

But as always, there are still always items that are somewhat out of our reach but we always lust for. My biggest debate is whether I want to invest in a rose gold watch. I love the highly coveted MK Rose gold watches, but I havent been able to bring myself to spend the $$$. And if I do get one, not sure if I should go for the trendy "Rose Gold" or if I should stick to the ever so reliable "Gold". Please let me know your opinions! And if you have one, how much do you LOVE it? haha.

And of course, I want the ever so popular double strap Zara heels that can be found almost ANYWHERE. Not sure who started it (Alexander Wang?) but I love the simple minimalistic but classy feel to it. I'm actually currently bidding on a pair on ebay, so wish me luck!!

Well, i think i'll end it here for now. Goodnight y'all!



  1. love this top, and I absolutely fell in love with your hair. I also want to dip dye my hair ;)

    check out my blog an follow me please :D http://susiandtheworld.blogspot.de/

  2. I love the colours... Definitely matched well with a gorgeous necklace :)

  3. You look great as usual hehe… as for advice on watch - I'd recommend sticking to 'gold' just because it's classic and timeless and in my opinion looks better on tan skin than rose gold does. If you can go try on a couple MK ones to see if you can't live without them otherwise other brands like Marc Jacobs make nice ones too. I haven't really found one that made me go GA GA over yet… :) xx

  4. I think you should pick #4 I loved it!

    Love, Belinda
    MissBel01xox ;)

  5. yay for a blog post, such a pleasant surprise and I think you should pick the rose gold one, dont worry about it going out of trend. I think a rose sort of gold always gives a feminine edge that will last xx

  6. go for the rose gold, or number 3!! They are sooooooo gorgeous!

  7. I would pick number 4. It just looks like a classic to me and could go with anything.

  8. so happy to have you back on my computer screen!


  9. i love #1 and #4! i believe fossil manufactures michael kors watches, or something along those lines.. if you have a look at the fossil website, their watches are quite similar to the michael kors designs :)

  10. Yaayyy! The blogging is back! I've said it before and I'll say it again. I ADORE the way you pose/wear outfits! I would probably never even pick up a top like that in store (I seem to have a subconscious fear of prints) but you take it and effortlessly make it look so good. I particularly like the gold collar necklace.

  11. I bought number 4 from Milan a week ago, as a birthday present from my parents, and it's so cute and stylish!! I definitely recommend rose gold as a colour and the design is amazing, couldn't be happier with it :)

    you can see the post I've made about it here:


  12. oh, also I checked your link from Asos and it says 275 euro. If you can, go to a MK boutique, cause I got mine for 229.
    Not much difference, but still :)

  13. Heyy June :)
    I love your style and I think you should get the third watch :)
    Ive just start blogging would you mind checking out my blog x

  14. ok i had to get my opinion out there (: i love number 2 and number 3 i think they'll work with a lot of different outfits and colors.. the first is my least favorite and the last one is too 'simple' for me.. but that's just my opinion ^-^
    happy birthday!

  15. hii!!! I like the number 4

    ---> http://bereadyforus.blogspot.ch

  16. I have one very similar to the 3rd one, but without the gold links on the side, and it really is just the best thing ever, it goes with EVERYTHING, i got it for my birthday in february, and have been wearing it every day since! my wrists are quite thin and i got the rose gold one originally but it was quite thick so i changed it! :) x

  17. While I do love the rose gold, I definitely think if you're going to go the MK route, stick with the classic gold. My roommate has the gold version of #4 and it's absolutely STUNNING and looks amazing against her skin tone (she is similar to yours). That being said, I think you should invest in an MK watch! I'm certainly going to in the near future; I think it's worth it for something you'll have forever!

    Btw great outfit. Love the way you styled that top.


  18. I think u should choose "gold". That´s the most beautiful.. I think(: The others are little to much! XOXO

  19. that top looks so gorgeous with the gold collar necklace, I love it! You always look amazing in the outfits that you show :) and my favourite of those MK watches are 1, 2 and 4, I reeeeally want them all but I can't even afford one haha!!
    Eleanor x

  20. Your top is absolutely amazing!!!

    I really like your blog, I´m following you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)

  21. just found out about you via youtube and you and your sense of style are sooo pretty!

    I got a rose gold watch from March Jacobs for my 23rd birthday that is very similar to yor #4 and I'm not kidding when I say it's the best accessory I have had. It goes with practically everything and I ALWAYS get compliments on it! defintely worth it's value!

    hope this helps! xoxo

  22. I love your blog and your sense of being happening and trendy. Always look attractive in all getup. June I`e a suggestion for your hair CHECK IT HERE! i`m sure you gonna love this.


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