Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation Review

Behold, the highly covetted, and much hyped foundation: Covergirl 3-in-1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation

Foundation comparisons (L to R): Covergirl Outlast Stay fabulous foundation (Golden Tan), MAC Matchmaster Foundation (5.0), Mac Prolongwear Foundation (NC 40)



So that is what the foundation looked like on initial application. If you watched my review on it, then you would know what I think about this foundation however I'll do a recap for those who havent:


+ cheap cheap cheap! At $20 RRP, this is a steal! Compared to the much dearer price of $39 for the Revlon, this literally craps all over revlon for the great quality at such a low price point!
+ Matte (currently a plus for me as my skin has been horrendous - however I feel like its almost a rarity to come across a nice oil-controlling matte foundation at the drugstore!)
+ Amazing blendibility. It's a much much thinner consistency than the revlon colorstay so I feel like for beginners, this will work to your advantage as it would make it easier to blend out and therefore reduce cake-yness!
+ Pump. nuff said.
+ Good colour selection (available overseas...)
+ Decent longevity. I believe the selling point of this is as a "longwearing" foundation formulation (hence outlast, stay fabulous) and it does do a decent job at staying in place and not disappearing. Mind you in the video I did say I noticed some oilyness happening, but when I actually touched my face i couldnt actually feel any oil! So whether that was just my highlighter, I dont know! But I think the longevity is good as a drugstore longwear formulation, however it certainly does not exceed other higher end brands.


- Poor colour selection (in Australia...)
- Can be overly drying for normal/dry skin girls!
- I've heard it oxidises (nothing too drastic that I've noticed though)
- Ridiculously hyped up - but it's not like I can blame that on the foundation right?

Literally I'm racking my brains out trying to find cons for this foundation and I cant find any! It's really quite a good great foundation especially for being only $15 AUD from the drugstore! Well done Covergirl for keeping costs low, unlike a certain other braind *coughrevloncough*

Foundation after 8 hours (as if you didnt already have enough pics of my face right? LOL)

I swear to you, it looks sooo oily here but barely any oil transferred! It was crazy weird!

So thats it, no more pictures I swear!! haha. Hope you guys enjoyed that, and if you havent seen the video yet please do check it out. I show you how I put the foundation on and my first impressions!


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Spring/Summer Lookbook Pics!

Hi hi my fellow bloggers! Just wanted a recap of the outfits I featured in my latest lookbook. They're mostly screencaps of my video, but I thought it would be a nice little summary for those who enjoyed it and instead of re-watching the video, can just get the basic gist of the outfits here!

I have taken some better quality photos, but I thought instead of bombarding you with A MILLION PICTURES, I could just put them up over time!

If you have NO CLUE as to what I'm talking about, I've filmed a lookbook video of some of my spring/summer picks, and you can watch it here:

And here are the outfits summarised!

Look 1 - Transitioning from spring into summer!

 photo look1.jpg

Look 2 - Different blazers, different outfits

 photo look2.jpg

Look 3 - Brights from Night & Day

 photo look3.jpg

And there you go! For details of where each item is from, check out the lookbook video. Also, for more high-quality images, stay tuned!

And lastly, if you liked the items, dont forget to SIGN UP FOR DAILYLOOK! That way, all of the items you see here can be made available to everyone, everywhere! Sign up here: http://bit.ly/DLSignUpjm and just use your email/facebook to become a member!

For more info, I've talked about it in my DailyLook Haul which you can watch here:

Alright, I think that's it for me. That's enough shameless plugging. haha! Thank you for all your continuous support everyone and I'm going to keep trying hard to keep new videos coming!

Thanks everyone!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Go-to everyday makeup!

Rollover for product details!

Products Used:

5. Milani Brow fix in medium (as shadow in crease as well as brow colour)
7. Jordana Fabuliner in Black ( I dont mind this, but as soon as it hits water it runs soooo bad. So ok for everday, but not for nights out/long days/special occasions)

In an attempt to stay consistent with this blog, I've included a list of my everyday makeup below. If you roll-over the image you can see the labels of each. This has been my go-to makeup for the past 3 months (no joke) and I find that it's very uni/wok appropriate that provides slight smokiness but also only ENHANCING the features. It's all very neutral and you can +/- the MAC Paintpot in Quite Natural depending on how smokey you want it. Very often I actually just leave the lids plains (no shadow) and just contour my crease with the Milani brow fix in medium. As I mentioned in my March Favourites video, I love to use the Milani shadow eyez in champagne toast as an eyeliner on my waterline to break up the "matte-ness" of the eyelook, and I also bring it into the inner corners as a highlight. I love doing this in all my look as it just really opens up the eyes and brighten everything up! I love it. And for the price, the milani shadow pencil is a GREAT dupe to the Urban Decay 24hr pencil in Sin (I have that and BARELY use it - I actually PREFER the milani!)

It's a very very quick and easy everyday look, and usually doesnt even taken me 10 minutes. I will be doing a video on this soon, so stay tuned for that as well. But for now, this is the crux of the look and hopefully you guys check out the products I've shown!

And this is my makeup after a typical 8-5pm day! Pretty good right? 

 photo everydayface0.jpg
 photo everydayface1.jpg
 photo everydayface2.jpg

For those curious, this is the makeup I wore in my Romwe Unboxing Haul: 

Tutorial to come soon so watch this space! :)
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