Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Shoe obsessed?

I dont know what it is, but something about a lovely pair of shoes just gets me so excited. There's nothing like the finding the perfect pair of heels that goes with with every outfit and every occasion. Now I am a self-proclaimed shoe addict, and I am agreeable to saying that no woman needs the number of shoes I own. However, dont they just make you happy??

So the point of all of this? A company contacted me to peruse through their website for anything I was interested in, and on first impression, it was reminiscent of and So already, I was at the very minimum; interested. But as I browsed through, I noticed they had extensive "shoes" section and ladies, I must show you some of the gems in stock!

My PERSUNMALL Wishlist Shoe List

I love last two styles and I also adore the first style - however I would much prefer it in a white as I already have a similar pair that I bought from ASOS. One negative however is that the prices of some of these shoes are not cheap - going up to $100+. But true to the style of romwe and other such websites, there are discount codes for spending over a certain amount which is fantastic. (I would cheekily recommend breaking up the order if it's over $200 so that you can get more $$ off ;) haha)

At this point, I can not really comment on the quality of shoes - but I am inclined to order a pair so when those arrive I will let you know. So definitely watch this space! I've actually had good luck in the past from ordering from shoes from these types of websites - so my hopes are high.

The selection of clothing pieces are not as varied and numerous as and but I must say that I do rate the wide range of bags available on the website - there are definitely some cute styles in there! 

So there you go. This was just a heads up incase some were interested in shoes as the styles really caught my eye. Has anyone ordered from Persunmall before? If so - what are your thoughts?


  1. too much shopping junes, time to focus on your medicine :P just kidding

  2. I had the exact same thoughts! Wasn't interested until I saw their shoes. Then changed my mind ;)


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