Friday, 26 April 2013

Collective Makeup Haul

Sorry for the delay in the accompanying blogpost for my most recent video but to be honest, I've just been lazy (my bad). Hopefully you all were able to duck down to your nearest priceline for the 40% off makeup sale which is probably the most exciting sale that Priceline has ever had. It was funny because when I was there, not only was it jam-packed, there was also a lady outside with a microphone, inviting customers in. The funny thing was that I overheard one of the customers complaining that she wasnt excited enough!

"What the hell, it's like she's just talking and muttering to herself. This is a HUGE sale for crying out loud!!! She needs to be more ENTHUSIASTIC!!"

Was what one of them said to the staff, and so they had a word to the announcer. NEKMINIT she was literally screaming at the top of her lungs. I'm not sure if it was better - I was almost frightened! haha.

So as much as I wanted to get heaps and heaps of makeup (not that I needed it), I really could not afford buying too much. Whilst 40% off sounds wonderful in theory, it still quickly adds up! I made the mistake of roughly estimating it to 50% off and then when I punched the numbers into the calculator - just wow. You dont realise how big of a difference that 10% can make!

Anyways, unfortunately I have not had the chance to take photos my "Priceline sale" purchases, but here are close-ups of the products mentioned in my previous video!

And if you havent seen the video - here it is:

Collective Makeup Haul

Products mentioned:
SAVVY by DB Matte Lipsticks
Revlon Colorstay Foundation Normal to Dry 330 Natural Tan - Use code: "OZA493" for discounts!
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in "The Truth"
Bare minerals Ready eyeshadow 4.0 quad in "The happy place"
A few of you guys requested a review on the chanel foundation(s) so that might be up in the near future. I'll also do swatches of the bare minerals quad because the pigmentation is just unbelievable (forgot to do it here)

Well, that's all for now. And for those curious... here is my mini 40% off Priceline sale haul:

 photo a3323292acde11e2b10722000a1f98d4_7_zpsf2d1d186.jpg

well, it's 3:10 am here in Australia, so hope you enjoyed this and I wish you all a goodnight! xo


  1. The Bare Minerals quads look so nice, especially the second one. Looking forward to the swatches.
    Love your videos and blog! xx
    Rachael -

  2. great picks girl! your stunning :)


  3. Love your blog and your youtube channel, you remind me of Audrey Hepburn with exotics features, you have a new follower, I leave my blog if you happen to see it and want to follow me too, many kisses!

  4. heyy june :P love your videos! looks like you got some awesome finds at priceline. :) the bare minerals palette looks stunning. please do some swatches on your blog :)

  5. Awesome haul!

    Hahaha omg the announcer. xD

  6. I envy your make up haul! next time i'll try purchasing non-asian makeup brands :)

  7. Sometimes I don’t believe sale and discounts because the prices were not even reduced :(
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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